Is chocolate dangerous to your dog? I know this is a little late, but perhaps someone will see this post before the Halloween festivities begin. I think most people by now realize the danger of chocolate to your dog. Is a little OK? Well, my answer to that would be "Is a little bubonic plague […]

The puppy who saved his young companion from a bee swarm may be an inadvertent hero. After all, he is just a pup! But whatever compelled him to get into the thick of things, possibly saved the lad’s life. I prefer to believe that he did know that the child was in danger, and it […]

Covering dog obedience in a single blog post is, of course impossible! But i do have some ideas of the various methods, and where to go to learn more. The first training of your dog begins when he or she is still a puppy. Getting your dog off to a good start is much easier […]

Dogs receive scent as a communication from their environment. They know when you’ve been cooking, smoking or having just petted another dog or cat. When you arrive home after work, the first thing your lab does is sniff you. What have you been up to? When you are afraid, a scent is emitted that is […]

18th Aug, 2010

Hurrah for Kong Dog Toys!

I find kong dog toys to be some of the best. Of course, they were designed to be practically indestructible, and  they certainly are. Long ago, dog toys were easily ripped, torn and sometimes chewed and swallowed. It was terrible to find yourself in the vet’s office because your lab had gnawed and swallowed a […]

11th Aug, 2010

Your Dogs Health

Your dogs health is probably foremost in your mind. We dog people tend to be tuned into the emotions and reactions of all our breeds. Loss of appetite, sudden change in temperament, these things are noticed by us. Just as a mother sees when her child is down in the dumps, our beloved canines also […]

I have gotten interested in the Bluetick Coonhound lately. Not only are they very handsome dogs, but they make wonderful companion animals. My neighbor has two of them, and they really are great hunters. Her female is so protective of my friend’s toddler, too. I think it is so great when little ones have no […]

It is much better to introduce a kitten to a good-natured dog by far than to try and bring a new puppy home to an adult cat who already rules the roost. A puppy is rambunctious and loud. At the very least, your cat will be upset, and the puppy will most likely experience a […]

29th Jun, 2010

Puppy Mill Legislation

I just read that some states are working to pass legislation which will make it possible for them to regulate commercial breeders locally, which is where I think most laws should be! In this way, state-run services will issue licenses and perform inspections. They would also follow up on complaints and give out fines. With […]

22nd Jun, 2010

Pit Bull Thoughts

So many people have developed a fear of this breed. Are they really as dangerous as all the bad press would like you to believe? From a bit of research I did a while back, I discovered that pit bull and rottweiler bites are indeed the most dangerous. However, they are not necessarily the most […]