18th Aug, 2010

Hurrah for Kong Dog Toys!

I find kong dog toys to be some of the best. Of course, they were designed to be practically indestructible, and  they certainly are. Long ago, dog toys were easily ripped, torn and sometimes chewed and swallowed. It was terrible to find yourself in the vet’s office because your lab had gnawed and swallowed a ball meant for dogs! And occasionally such accidents ended in heartache, or at the very least, a painful and costly operation.

I’m sure this still happens, but I think due to great toy developers, it is much rarer now.

But enter the kong! And what a brilliant idea to invent something that a treat can be inserted into! Talk about motivation for your pooch. Not to mention entertainment for his or her human! I could watch Roscoe and his bedevilment with his Kong dog toy for hours.

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