A Dog to Love

There is certainly something to love about every dog breed. And I know this is true, because there are certainly fans of them all! Look at all the wonderful dog necklaces that have surfaced in the past several years! I think most dog lovers feel it’s their duty to promote their favorite breed however they can.

I’ve even seen veterinarians wearing name tags with their favorite dog’s image in pewter or clay on them! I suppose if you work as a vet, you have the option of displaying what animal you personally find the most appealing. How much fun is that?

I remember the incredible popularity of Dalmatians after 101 Dalmatians was recently remade. I think it’s a terrible idea to choose your breed based on a blockbuster movie, but still, movies do tend to familiarize people with certain breeds.

This also holds true for television shows. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the popular TV show ‘Sex in the City’ started a wave of pet ownership of that breed. Not that they were especially rare before, but now they have now reached a fever pitch of popularity.

While I’m on the subject, there’s another breed that seems to be in the forefront. That, of course, would be the pug. Does anyone remember the talking pug-space alien in "Men in Black"? Of course you do! It helps that these are exceptionally cuddly and intelligent dogs, even if they aren’t from outer space. (Some might argue this point)

It makes a little mores sense to pick your companion for the next 15 years based on something more important, such as compatibility, size and basic nature. Not to promote one dog over another, I’d like to point out the joys of mixed breed ownership as well.

Not only can a “mutt” be one of the sweetest, best tempered dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing, but oftentimes they are the healthiest. Most often you don’t have to worry about inbreeding or genetic predispositions to certain ailments. And that’s in addition to the most important fact – that you have saved a lovable pooch from almost certain euthanasia.

There is probably a shelter in your area brimming with loving dogs (cats too!) that need new homes.

However, if you do prefer the purebred dog, just make sure that you find a reputable breeder who will guarantee the health of your new puppy.

Then there is the choice between male and female dogs. Females are naturally less aggressive, so there is an advantage there if what you want is a family pet. They don’t try to wander off like the male may be inclined to do. But this may not be such a factor if your intention is to spay or neuter your pet.

And of course, spaying or neutering is the recommended way to go!