A Great Gift for Dog Lovers

I am not rich. But that doesn’t stop me from searching for lovely and affordable pet-themed jewelry at every opportunity! Of course, finding these little goodies can be tricky. Especially for me. Did I mention how picky I am? But I don’t mind the search, even if it takes me on long winding roads and unexpected websites detours. This particular site is one I’ve mentioned with some frequency, and it is a great place to find unique pet lover gifts.

This selection of colored enamel dog earrings is one of my all time favorite places to hang out. If I have any complaints about the magic zoo, it’s that they don’t make enough new dog designs. One of my favorite breeds, the Pomeranian isn’t even represented. But I have hopes for the future.

At least they do carry an affectionate looking enamel yellow lab earring . His face is so sweet, just like you’d expect from this wonderful breed. What I like is the way there is a contrast of color with the dog’s ear a slightly golden shade and darker than the fur on the face. This is a detail you don’t often see when someone crafts jewelry representing this variation of the Labrador retriever. But I appreciate the attention the artist gave to this creation.

There are a lot of wonderful things to buy here. From colorful paw-print jewelry to a lot of other animals, including cats and birds.

One of the best things about being an animal lover is the variety of things to collect that have something to do with your “best friend”. It’s wonderful and heart-warming to find online jewelry sites that not only have expensive gold jewelry, but that also cater to people who can only afford sterling silver, pewter and enamel ware. It is very much appreciated!

If I come back as an artist, I plan to devote my life to making great animal art. There have been so many wonderful people throughout the ages who’ve been able to capture the grace of gazelles, the power of sled dogs and the beauty of cats. I wish I were one of them! But for now, I’ll spend my money supporting those who do. I’m glad I’m not the jealous type.

If I were a painter, I’d start with some of the rarest and most beautiful of all animals. Perhaps I could specialize in endangered tropical birds. Since I love color, that might be a lot of fun. I know this is just day-dreaming, but it’s not a bad way to pass a lazy late Tuesday afternoon. On second thought, maybe I will take up sketching now. Perhaps my little budgie won’t mind posing as a model!

But if I could really draw well, I’d mostly make pictures and paintings of dogs. Not only are they my favorite of the entire animal kingdom, but almost all of them have such expressive eyes and sweet expressions. I’ll have to give it some thought.