Canine Theme Charm Bracelets Are a Great Idea

I’m just crazy about this idea of dog charm bracelets !  I’ll tell you why.  The variety of dog breeds is one of the wonderful things about choosing a new dog.  There is so much variety in appearance, needs, behavior, and talent!  In fact, there is so much variety that sometimes it’s hard to choose just one!

It’s true that many of us do have a favorite canine breed.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many other breeds that hold a place in our hearts.  If my time, my home, and my family’s patience were as open to dogs as my heart, I might well own dozens of different breeds! Since that’s not realistic for me right now, unique charms just might be the answer .

I know, charm bracelets are not new.  But think about how well this old form of jewelry can lend itself to the personal expression of a dog lover!  Right now, charms seem to be really popular.  Combine that with the increasing number of people who are becoming dog owners, and you get the perfect climate for some amazing choices in what you’d think would be a relatively obscure field: dog charms!

A terrier lover could dedicate an entire charm bracelet to terriers, with a different charm for each.  Or a bracelet could hold 20 different breeds.  You could also consider owning several charms portraying the same dog differently: dachshund on four legs, dachshund on hind legs, dachshund head, long-haired dachshund, dachshund in color, in silver, in gold, in clay, etc.

There are endless combinations so that any dog lover can fashion a truly unique piece of jewelry.  Of course, one of the great things about charms is that each one has significance: it reminds you of someone or something (or somedog), it represents a particular time in your life, or it signifies a special attachment.  More than any other jewelry, charm bracelets are jingly chains of memory and significance that can easily become a daily choice of jewelry to put on.  And they can hold much more meaning than purely decorative pieces.

Some of us have bought special charms to decorate our canine friends.  Now we can wear our own special charms to commemorate them.  Announce to the world your canine affections!  Share the news with your co-workers, servers at restaurants, the guy behind the ticket counter…you never know which one will turn out to have similar dog-loving tendencies!  Your charm bracelet could spark many a wonderful conversation!  If charms are chosen carefully, you can be sure to meet with many expressions of envy as well!