Dog Key Chains in Durable Pewter

I’m not particularly materialistic, but having a good-looking and practical animal themed key chain is something I can justify owning. I don’t buy a lot of stuff for myself, especially when it costs more than $15.00. But every one of these pewter key rings is under that price, which suits me fine! Heck, I can even purchase gifts in this crazy economy for this price. But just to be on the safe side, I think I’ll grab a whole bunch while I still have my job. (That’s only slightly a joke, and not a very funny one at that.)

Dog owners aren’t necessarily the wealthiest 10% of the country. Not that there aren’t wealthy owners, of course. But there’s one thing about a dog; just about any one can afford to have one. I kind of hesitate to say this, because I definitely think dogs should go to the vet for checkups and be fed a decent diet, which costs something and almost goes without saying. But if you can keep a roof over your head and food on the table, it’s not too much more to actually take good care of a pet. That is, unless they experience some sort of a health crisis. Then, of course, hard choices have to be made.

There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than making the choice between saving a seriously ill or injured pet over going into a debt you can’t afford. So my heart goes out to animal lovers teetering on the edge of their own financial collapse.

It’s a hard thing to confront; I’d rather not have to think about it. But when your neighbors and friends need a hand to take care of their beloved pets, help them if you can afford to. I haven’t heard of any bail outs for pet lovers yet! Besides, I much prefer that we help our neighbors on our own determinism as opposed to being forced into something against our will by the government.

In a roundabout way that’s what I’m trying to communicate by showing it’s still possible to acquire nice gifts for dog lovers at a price that’s affordable. I think about these things, even months ahead of traditional holiday gift-giving time. Of course, there’s always the possibility of making your own gifts, but I don’t think all of us are willing to endure the smirks when we hand over the grown up version of an ashtray made in grade school!

Give me a nice looking but affordable key chain any day of the week.