Enjoy Life with Your Dog

Having a canine companion can add so much to your life. What better friend could you ask for than one who is infinitely patient, never yells at you and actually forces you to exercise?

Of course you take good care of your dog, making sure he or she has regular vet visits. And if your veterinarian has been especially wonderful (aren’t they all?) you might want to give him or her a little veterinary appreciation gift . Believe me, appropriate gifts for that profession aren’t that easy to find!

Speaking about gifting, you ought to think about giving yourself a lovely dog pendant that says “I love my dog!”  Do you realize how hard you work? More people should treat themselves more often. Besides, that’s one of the best ways to recognize a fellow animal lover. “You are what you wear.” Or something like that.

I did want to mention that exercise is equally important to you and your dog. It’s one of those activities you can do together. These days there are loads of canine sporting activities to participate in. Some of the activities offered now are Frisbee events, agility training, swimming, etc.

But like people, your dog may need a gradient approach to this type of activity. If you and your dog have been a couple of couch potatoes for the last couple years, start out with a walk around the neighborhood. But keep it up! The more you enjoy being outside together, the more you may want to add some additional activity.

Nutrition is something else that has to be paid attention to. You can’t expect either yourself or your pet to do well on a diet full of empty calories. Improving your level of nutrition can be done as a team effort! If you get off the nightly cookie and chip attack your dog won’t be getting those extra little treats either. Chances are Fido is a lot smaller than you, so extra calories will be damaging him even more.

Listen to your veterinarian’s nutritional advice. He or she is trained in the best possible diet for your dog, and is a wealth of information in animal health. So take her advice and get healthy, you two!