Gifts for Dog Lovers

It’s always a problem coming up with gifts for the person who “has everything.” But I tell you, if you are a little short on cash but want to impress someone with your artistic taste, you should see this clever, attractive lead-free pewter dog jewelry !

What I like about it is that the pieces are detailed- like the artist actually cared about the design, not just to make a quick buck. Those are the kind of artists I like to support.

There are a lot of gifts online to buy for your favorite pooch- but I think it’s a little harder to find something for the human companion. One especially nice site for dog art I spotted was from an artist in England . His pencil drawings are detailed and I thought very expressive of the various breeds.

Dog lovers are a wide and varied bunch of people. Just because someone says they love dogs doesn’t mean they will love the same art you find attractive, especially if it’s something that’s really off the wall!

Now of course you can always try your hand at creating something yourself for that dog lover. I don’t know about you, but oftentimes something made is especially meaningful. Here’s one idea, and you don’t even have to be especially creative to do it.

How about a nice photograph of the person’s dog? Granted, you might have to be a little sneaky to take it. But take it from me, it can be done. You could even enlist the help of someone who’s right there on the ground!

It’s also amazing how appreciative a dog lover can be to receive something for a gift that is actually for his or her dog. A new ceramic bowl is often appreciated. If your canine loving friend has a little foo foo dog, it will be especially easy to find a good gift. Perhaps a new sparkly collar or leash would be just the thing.

I know of a kennel that shows videos of the dog’s owners to keep him or her comfortable and at ease during the stay. Why not help your friend created such a video?

Just trying to get a little creative here.

Whatever you do, never give someone a dog as a pet unless he or she has specifically asked you to pick one out. A pet dog is a huge responsibility, and should only be taken on if the person really wants his or her own pet. I can think of no bigger friendship-killer than presenting someone with a dog to take care of when unasked for.

But with my suggestions, I don’t think you’d have to go so far as to resort to giving your friend the real thing. There are a lot of creative people out there who’d like nothing better than to supply you with a wonderful gift for some special dog lover.