Gifts for Your Dog Loving Friends

It’s now November!  I’ve started searching in earnest for some good dog lover gifts, and came across some silver earrings perfect for dog lovers ! Of course not everyone wears earrings, but wouldn’t you know it this site, called The Magic Zoo, also carries the most adorable dog jewelry of every type. Since I’m a real nut for the smaller breeds, I spotted the dachshund jewelry right away. But for pure unadulterated beauty that can represent any breed, check out their gorgeous paw print jewelry .

Of course, you can always play it safe and get something their dog will love. But I like “rewarding” the hard-working human companion, myself!

One of the most beautiful holiday gifts I ever received was a tapestry recreated to look like something from the Middle Ages. There were some greyhound looking dogs worked into the design and a lot of luscious reds, teals and golds. I still have it hanging in my living room, and suspect it’ll be with me for the rest of my life.

I think of that as a great example of something dog related for the owner. Right on theme, but not for the dog itself. After all, your friends spend all year searching for fun gifts their little canine friends can entertain themselves with, and probably are more familiar with all their likes and dislikes.

Still, it can’t hurt to stay “on theme” by purchasing a gift that is somehow canine related.
And if you can get something that has her favorite breed, so much the better. The only problem you might run into is when she is very picky about the anatomy of the artist’s representation. Once I found what I thought was a wonderful glass pug in a little shop in Ireland. I couldn’t wait to give it to my best friend, and carried it on the plane all the way back home for fear it would get chipped in my luggage. (It wasn’t light, either!).

When the big day arrived and we exchanged gifts, Libby (not her real name) looked at it with astonishment and blurted out “The eyes are all wrong!” She immediately felt terrible, but I felt like a fool. I established a new rule: Never get breed specific artwork as a gift for a champion dog breeder unless she sees it first and loves it!

Hard lesson, but it saved me from making the same blunder again. Now I either get something that would be appropriate for any breed, like the paw print jewelry I mentioned earlier, or I take her shopping (even if it’s on the internet) with me. Coincidentally, this same friend loved the pug jewelry on the site I mentioned in the first paragraph!

I don’t think she reads my blog so I’m safe in saying that saved me a trip to the mall this year.