Little Dogs, Big Ideas

Are you a little dog lover? I started thinking about this after admiring a silver pug necklace that was mentioned on line. I realized how much people with small dogs love them, and feel extra protective towards their more vulnerable companions.

One of the ways small dog lovers can promote their breed is by wearing breed specific unique dog jewelry . I’ve seen a lot of it around; pins, pendants, earrings and so forth. Although I seldom wear jewelry myself, I can certainly understand the appeal. Especially if you are the proud owner of a Chihuahua, dachshund or Shih Tzu.

Speaking of Chihuahuas, I’ve known a few that were more ferocious given their size than the biggest baddest Rottweiler! Have you ever been yipped at ferociously by a snarling mouse? It was a little like that. And I’m not saying all Chihuahuas are like that, but I have known a few.

The small size of some dogs is the result of intentional breeding down. For obvious reasons, delicacy wouldn’t be a good thing for a wild canine. Now there are a few small wild dogs, such as that cute long eared fox in Africa. It’s called the fennec fox, but I’m sure its wiliness more than makes up for its small size. A Chihuahua is obviously a man-made creature.

Now of course some small dogs were specifically bred for their miniature ferocity. Think about the dachshund, trained to hunt badgers! Now that is one scary animal. (The badger, not the dachshund.) And Yorkshire terriers are said to be the best ratters on the planet. So small doesn’t necessarily equate to wimpy, thank you very much.

One of the most amazing looking of all the toy breeds is the Chinese Crested Dog. How in the world did this dog ever survive? With a mop of silky hair on top of his head, a plumed tail and four furry bedroom slippers, this is a dog bred to spend its life indoors.

I can see why someone with a truly unusual breed would be on the lookout for jewelry to represent her pet. Anyone seen a pair of Chinese Crested earrings? I didn’t think so.