Silver Necklace Gifts This Year?

I know that the economy is a worry and a problem for many people, maybe all people this holiday season. If you need something to give to your friends and family that won’t set you back by too much, think of a pretty necklace or pendant in a relatively inexpensive metal, like pewter or sterling silver.

If you want to wear something that gets attention, is well made but not too costly, affordable sterling silver jewelry gifts are great. They’re so pretty that anyone wearing them has the feeling she’s got on a piece of wearable art, instead of a cheap mall store necklace designed somewhere in China. I think that’s pretty neat, because most of the time if you purchase something inexpensive there’s some kind of catch to it, like it’ll fall apart in 10 minutes or it looks pretty bad in some other way. Not these, I’ve tested them at work and running all around the neighborhood and our local dog park.

I’ve also worn pewter jewelry for years. It holds up well, you don’t have to polish it and like I said, it’s relatively inexpensive. Compared to gold or even silver it’s not just affordable, it practically seems free! If there was ever a year to stretch your holiday spending dollars, this is certainly the one.

Of course we dog owners always end up spending money on our pets, and that’s just the way of it. But even in this area it’s a good idea not to go overboard. After all, Rufus the Rottweiler enjoys shredding a corrugated box just as much as he does an expensive chew toy. And I guarantee he’d rather go on a walk with you through the woods, the beach or in the mountains over owning a cute little red and green holiday sweater any day of the week! Not that you shouldn’t be sure he stays warm on your jaunts, because keeping him comfortable and healthy is always first priority. But you can do that with something less expensive than a designer sweater.

I love the holiday gift giving season, but I certainly don’t plan to run my credit cards up to their limit this year. It’s amazing how little we can truly get by on. At least in my household the season will be more about the spirit of giving and less about spending tons of money. You can give of yourself, your time and your delicious Christmas cookies.

But for those truly special people you want to give something more physical and lasting to, consider a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry.