Valentines Day Gifts Thoughts

Dog lovers are a special breed, pun intended! One of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received was a sterling silver bone pendant , a symbol of my affection for all things canine. I’m not saying this is a gift your beloved would want necessarily, but this site has all sorts of wonderful pendants, including a gorgeous sterling paw print pendant and what could symbolize the affection you have for your pet more than something that places an image of his precious paw inside a heart shape?

The reason I wanted to mention Valentines Day so early on is because I myself tend to be a procrastinator and wanted to give a little reminder to my readers to get something early on thus avoiding pesky last minute panic!

Now I want to be realistic, most people, including dog loving women love flowers. So if you mess up and forget to buy her a personal piece of beautiful gold or silver jewelry, you can always opt for the online flower shop . When my significant other sends me flowers, all is forgiven in that burst of rosy fragrance. Smelling roses has to be number 2 next to receiving a little satin box that just has to contain a ring or some other wonderful jewelry piece.

But if I got to pick, it would be sterling silver jewelry every time. What can I say, I have expensive taste. But the real truth is that a nice sterling animal pendant or charm is usually no more expensive than a bouquet of flowers, and it lasts forever! If I have kids and grandkids I’m sure they’ll be wearing my adornments down the line. Art is one of those timeless things, and a hand crafted piece of animal jewelry makes a gift like no other. Silver bones, dog faces or paw prints, anyone? I’ll be the first in line every time.

And why not return the favor and get your male Sweetie something cool and animal related as well, like a darling pewter paw print key chain? Guys don’t wear much jewelry, but think about something that he might like to keep for a long time as well. The last time I noticed my honey wearing jewelry it was a little enamel pin he was forced into wearing on a tie at a convention of Honda salesmen. I never saw it again after he tossed it on the bed stand. Maybe I swept it up by mistake during one of my brief housekeeping flurries.

Don’t worry too much about the Valentine’s Day thing. If you and your significant other stay home for a cozy night of DVD and dog snuggling fun, that’s probably all you need. But if you have a choice of a gift presented to you, I advise you go for the silver (or gold!) jewelry every time.