When Movies Make a Dog Breed Popular

Not too long ago the Men in Black movies popularized the pug breed; since that time I’ve noticed some expressive pug jewelry and other items that pug owners can go crazy over. I suppose there’s no harm in movies and other forms of media making a breed popular, as long as the owners are looking beyond the mere symbol of the dog and taking real live care of the beautiful canine sharing their home.

And if you have a dog you love, regardless of whether it was popularized in a movie or not, it’s great to have a source of creative dog jewelry to choose your latest accessories from. There’s really something very nice about putting on an adorable Chihuahua pendant in sterling silver , whether or not you originally were inspired to share your home with this breed because of the Taco Bell commercials!

Way back in the 20s “Little Rascals” movies there was an adorable pit bull that was part of the crowd. He had a black patch over one eye (I think that one came from Wardrobe) and he was truly part of the gang- back in those days nobody thought twice about owning a pit bull.

One of the most popular kid’s movies of all time has to have been “101 Dalmatians.” I watched it recently and I must say that the film has aged well. I can certainly see why there was such an upsurge of interest in this breed back in the 50s and 60s of the last century. They were made so very appealing with exquisite animation.

And let’s not forget Mut, the star of the Charlie Chaplain film “A Dog’s Life”. I’ve heard that this little fellow came from a pound, and was chosen over 30 other dogs. It just goes to show, you don’t have to have a pedigree to be famous.

Lassie, one of the most popular dogs of all time seemed capable of almost anything. Makes you wonder what the IQ of a dog like that would be! I’ll bet there was more than one dog playing this part. That may be true of most doggie stars, come to think of it.

But my all time favorite movie which stared dozens of pooches was Christopher Guest’s “Best in Show.” That movie made me howl (no pun intended) with laughter. Besides being, at times, excruciatingly funny, the dogs that made their mark in that film were exceptionally beautiful.

I imagine that was a miracle of film-making; getting all those dogs together in one place and actually completing a day’s filming despite barking, accidents, alpha and beta doggie differences, etc. Hats off to Mr. Guest for that one! I think most dog lovers got a big kick out of that film.