Why Not a Sterling Silver Dog Pendant for Christmas?

I love beautiful sterling silver jewelry . I still think it’s one of the best ways to spend holiday dollars, especially for everyone you know that’s in love with their dog. Here’s a great way to impress your canine-loving girlfriend; find a site that carries dog breed jewelry and pick out one that actually looks like her dog. Take my advice; this will make for a really happy Christmas morning!

And not to be prejudicial, cat lovers deserve pretty silver jewelry too. You don’t have to look that far for unique cat jewelry ; I’ve discovered quite a few lovely pieces just wandering around on the internet. I probably shouldn’t admit to this here, but I really do love cats. The ones that have shared my home have always been at least tolerant of the dogs in the area, and that means a lot when you’re an over-all animal lover.

I realize a lot of people are trying to trim down their holiday budget this year. But the way I see it, that’s even more reason to spend your dollars wisely, on gifts and jewelry that will have extra meaning and quite probably be passed down through the generations.

Here’s a great idea for others like me that seem to be involved with both dogs and cats- a silver dog cat pendant that is so sweetly made you feel like naming them! This is one jewelry design concept I haven’t seen a lot of. It seems you have to choose between either a cat or dog; not many artists offer you both. I really appreciate having both species in the same pendant. This is one of those necklaces that I like to look at and try to figure out what the artist’s inspiration for it really was. I guess I am a little odd that way! It’s a bit like solving a mystery with only one fact.

Silver and gold jewelry aren’t the only possibilities to offer for holiday gifts. But take my word for it- they may be among the most appreciated. Not only are they thoughtful, but the precious metal has its own intrinsic value. Not that we’re in the middle of another Great Depression (at least not yet!) but having small items that can be transported easily and that have value can be a great thing.

These are just a few ideas for presents your significant other will be thrilled to unwrap on Christmas morning, or on the morning of whatever holiday you may happen to celebrate. I hope my ideas help!